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A Timeline

Farmingdale Meat Market was incorporated in 1946 as a small local butcher shop. Its founder Julius Seelig had just finished working for Swift & Co., helping supply meat to all the allied forces during World War II.

The business has grown from its beginnings as a local meat market into Main Street Wholesale Meats, one of the largest independently owned federal inspected meat facilities (Est. 17554) serving Long Island and the Tri-State area.

The 1953 Ford Truck used at the bottom of this website was the first truck Julius bought and now the fleet has grown to nine vehicles. The family traditions are being carried on at Farmingdale Meat Market, Inc. and its wholesale division, Main Street Wholesale Meats, by Julius’s son Kent Seelig and his grandson Lee Seelig.

With a growing staff of professionals, be it drivers, cutters, sales force and office staff, we intend to serve all of our new and old customers, as if we were still running that small little meat market started in 1946. As Julius said: “give them great product and great service and you will always have a successful business.”

We specialize in meat products: beef, veal, lamb, all poultry products, specialty meats and wild game. We only sell meats so we can concentrate on meat and meat products exclusively. We have an aging program where we age USDA prime, angus and choice meats, so there is a product for every need. Since we are federally inspected we have a very strict HAACP program which insures the safety of our products.

1946 – Julius Seelig opens store at 196 Main Street

1956 – Moves to Larger Store at 196 Main Street

1959 – Kent starts working with his Father

1979 – Kent Takes over business

1988 – Expands operation to include 212 and 214 Main Street

1990 – Main Street Wholesale Meats Est. 17554

1998 – Expanded USDA Plant

2003 – Deliveries Start to Manhattan and Westchester

2007 – New Website is Launched at www.MainStreetMeats.com

2007 – Lee Seelig, son of Kent and grandson of Julius, joins business

2010 – Connecticut delivery schedule expanded.  New York City grows to three trucks daily.  The growth continues…


This is a photo of Kent and Julius and staff at the old retail shop circa 1970 or so.

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