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Our Exclusive 1946 Blend


Main Street Wholesale Meats has entered the premium chopped meat market with a proprietary product called “Main Street’s 1946 Blend.” The rich, luxurious blend combines Kobe Brisket, Angus Rib Cap and Boneless Short Ribs with an Angus Chuck base. The “1946” in the name of the product refers to the year the company was founded by Julius Seelig. The company is now run by the founder’s son Kent Seelig and grandson Lee Seelig.

“My father Julius was the inspiration for this recipe,” said Kent Seelig. “When he was still alive, we would work endlessly on the perfect hamburger blend. Now, as our business has grown to service upscale restaurants and country clubs, we’ve developed this premium product for those who demand it. While our regular blend is fantastic, this 1946 Blend takes it to the next level.”

Main Street’s 1946 Blend is produced to order on a daily basis. The product is run through a coarse blade so that it does not get too delicate. The Kobe brisket adds a sturdy beefy flavor to the mixture, the Boneless Short Ribs contribute a lush texture while the Rib Cap meat enhances the richness and juiciness of the product.

Main Street’s 1946 Blend is already featured at several restaurants, most notably by Executive Chef Kevin Penner whose East Hampton, NY restaurants include 1770 House, Citta Nuova, and East Hampton Point. Chef Penner was instrumental in helping to develop and test the final formula.

The 1946 Blend won an Indie Award from Independent Processor magazine for one of the best new products of 2009.

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