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Chicken Items

We have a great mixture of Chicken products that we make in-house that you should know about:


If you have not tried our Chicken Burgers, you are missing out!

We have several different flavors to choose from:

Chicken Burgers with Sundried Tomato and Mozz

Chicken Burgers with Broc. and Cheddar

Chicken Burgers with Jalapenos and Cheese

Chicken Burgers with Broc. and Peppers

Along with Chicken Burgers, we also have Patty’s Famous Stuffed Ready-to-Eat Chicken Breasts. These can be made stuffed with Apple Sauce and Stuffing, Broc and Cheddar and also as Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Thanks to Kevin Huttner for the suggestion to list these items on our site!!

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